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Japan U.S.A.
Air Dates: April 4, 2002 - Sept. 26, 2002 February 2003
Episodes: 26 TV Episodes, 2 OVA Episodes 26 TV Episodes, 2 OVA Episodes
Company: Bandai Visual Bandai Entertainment/PCB Productions
Created By: Project .hack

.hack//SIGN is the new anime brought to life by director Kouichi Mashimo (Noir, Irresponsible Captain Tyler), and character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (Neon Genesis Evangelion, Nadia), revolving around characters in a virtual online world who are swept up in the mystery of Tsukasa, a player with unusual abilities who can do things no one else can. As the mystery deepens the players discover connections to the outside and realize there is much more to "The World" than they had realized.

Images & Art
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